The constant monitoring of the LME trend, the close collaboration with the most important European producers as well as the regular discussions with the most accurate analysts of the metal scrap industry allow Metal Seekers SA to provide always updated quotations on materials.

The commercial network qualification and the experience acquired along years of experience consented us to consolidate and improve over time the company position on the international market.


Precise identification of the quality of the material is essential to ensure the best management of it.

In order to efficiently carry out this process, we have developed a collaboration with the technological laboratory of Rottami Padana SpA, which thanks to his qualified staff and the use of specific instruments such as quantometer, ray gun, and two induction furnaces, enables us to analyze a wide range of products providing their exact valorization.


Organized following a model that satisfies the most advanced market demands in order to optimize the direct relationship with its customers and suppliers, Metal Seekers SA has a proven supply channel able to guarantee its customers continuous flows, even in large quantities, respecting the needs of every single steelworks and foundries, making the best use of the material available, and finding suitable placing.

Thanks to a commercial network that operates on a national and international level, the channels for scrap procurement are multiple and allow us to find the specific materials required by customers in the shortest time possible while offering quality and competitive prices.


In a hyper-competitive market, the logistics side has more and more importance, and that is why we support our partners in the management of goods transport with the collaboration of the most reliable and efficient international shipping companies.

Metal Seekers SA

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